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Poetry Index by Subject

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My Original Poetry & Essays

Truth Doesn't Matter If you hated what I wrote about religion before (or this one) you'll hate this essay even more.
Red Tears A poem I wrote about how bad things get now.  I'm sorry I'm not as strong as people think I am.
Please Daddy A poem I wrote.  That's all I'll say.  Read it.
America Once Beautiful A poem/song about the wonderful country we live in.  You can figure out the tune.
I Was Abused Again I wrote this essay to explain a kind of abuse that just happened to me.  
Snake Oil An essay about people and how wanting to believe in something makes them blind to other things and turns something that could be good into something that fills the world with more hate and suffering.
Poems To/From A Stranger Someone wrote two poems for me after he saw my poems.  I wrote one back.
How Many More For all the kids killed and hurt at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. 
Legacy A poem I wrote about feeling trapped.
A Girl's Life A story I wrote after reading an article in a magazine about how sick the world is.
Shameful Behavior I wrote this when I heard about the attack on Iraq.
Shadows On My Heart This is the first poem I tried to write to be a song.
The Incurable Disease An essay I wrote on World AIDS Day but its not about what you think.
Forever Yours A poem about parents and children and abuse and justice.
Thank You,
Mr. President
A poem inspired by President Clinton
Presidential Legacy


This is a story I wrote after I read some of the things President Clinton said and did.  
Terror & Hope

These are two poems that describe the different ways I feel.

I tried not to write this poem but I had to.  Don't ask me about it.  Don't let little kids read it.
The Project

This is a story, not a poem.  Its not  for young kids to read.  Its about a future but not one that most people would want to happen.
American Girls

For Stephanie, Brittheny, Natalie and Paige.  This version is one that everyone can like.
American Girls

Original Version.  It says some very bad things about men and boys.  I still feel this way alot of times.
Looking inside.
You Said
A poem for my mother.
My Life
A poem for my mother.
My Best Friend
A poem for my mother.
Going Away
A Special Place
Roller and Sonic
Many Faces
The Wall
Dedicated to my uncle and everyone who was killed in Vietnam
Tiny Angels

Poetry & Stories By Others

A special poem my mom wrote for her website.
Snowfall A poem my mom wrote about something she loved.
Two Moments in Time

A volume of poems by Echo Brahe who dedicated them to my mother.
Death All Around Me

A story with a very disturbing view of the horror of war by my friend Cosi.
If Teddy Bears
Could Talk
A poem for helping children by Penny Vaughan
A Prayer for the Children My mom would have loved this one. I don't know for sure who wrote it but it was on Wesley Grady's page.
Tolerance & Shame I didn't write this but I think its really important to read.
Precious Lives A girl I know from the net wrote this with her friend about what happened at Columbine High School.
Kylie's Poem I met someone on the net and her daughter wrote her a poem that I think is cool.  Kylie wrote this when she was 9.  
Confusion This is a poem/prayer by Celia Straus that's in her book Prayers On My Pillow.
The Crayon Box This is a poem by a girl named Erin.
The Puzzle This is another poem by Erin.

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