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Presidential Legacy

A Story by Rachel Williams
(first revision 9/12/98)

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin."

With that, the scene on the TV changed to one showing buildings burning, stores being looted, and police fighting with rioters. The live scene was shifted to a background position on the screen and the familiar face of the network news anchor appeared.

"The scenes we're watching now are coming live from Chicago where rioting broke out approximately one hour ago following the release from prison of Randolph Smith - known to the nation as the Cafeteria Killer -in what many consider to be the most outrageous application of the Clinton Defense to date.

Smith, a food services worker in the cafeteria at Chicago's Kennedy Elementary School, was convicted last year of poisoning the jello served as dessert at the school's cafeteria, resulting in the deaths of 37 children and the hospitalization of 128 others. He was sentenced to life without parole after his trial, but the appeals court has just ordered his release following the successful appeal brought by his new lawyer, the former President.

We go now to our reporter, Melissa Jackson, at the Daley Center in Chicago where we understand a spokesman for Mayor Daley has just finished making a statement."

The scene changed to show a newswoman standing at the end of a hall in some building.

"Thank you, Peter. Actually, we're in the emergency command center below City Hall here in Chicago because police have not been able regain control of the Daley Center since the riots broke out following the annoucment of the appeals court's decision. The spokesman for the Mayor has just announced that the Governor has agreed to deploy the National Guard in an attempt to control the situation and prevent it from turning into a week-long nightmare of violence such as has been experienced in Houston, Boston, Atlanta and Portland following similar instances where the Clinton defense has been used to free dangerous criminals.

We understand that the National Guard will be on the streets of Chicago within the hour, and that in addition to restoring order, one of their first missions will be to safely escort the former President from the undisclosed location where he has been in hiding since the decision was announced."

The anchorman cut in, "Mellisa, as this is the fifth city that has erupted in violence following the former President's successful appeals has there been any indication of a change in heart regarding his decision to continue to work to free these murderer's and child molesters on the basis of this controversial new defense?"

"No, Peter, we've had no sign of a change in the former President's plans. In fact, in a statement issued by phone within the last hour, he reiterated that his committment to the application of justice to all people required him to continue in these acts. He stated that Mr. Smith had been wrongly convicted of poisoning those children. By applying the Clinton defense he was able to show that Mr. Smith did not actually poison the children. He merely put poison in the Jello and the children were responsible for their own death's because they poisoned themselves by eating the Jello. The former President also stated that......"

At this point the picture began to breakup and then went blank. The anchorman came back on the screen.

"We seem to have lost our signal to Melissa in Chicago. We go now to our affiliate in Washington, DC where we understand the Attorney General is about to speak. We'll return to our coverage from Chicago following her statement."

Copyright 1998 Rachel Williams

Author's Note

This story isn't very good yet but I got so mad when I read how the President tried to keep from telling the truth and say he didnt lie that I had to write this and put it on here. I won't ever believe anything he says cause we wont ever know if he means what he says or if he's like trying to fool everyone again.  I think he lied and I think he's still lying and I think he's disgusting and I wish he wasn't President anymore.

September 12, 1998

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