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October 24, 1999 I added my essay Truth Doesn't Matter to my Poetry page.  It's about religion.  My Poetry page tells the other things I wrote about religion too.
October 23, 1999 I added my poem Red Tears to my Poetry page.
October 11, 1999 I added my poem Please Daddy to my Poetry page.  I joined the Poetic Journey Webring and put it on my webrings page.
October 10, 1999 I added The Crayon Box and The Puzzle to my Poetry page.  They were written by a cool girl named Erin.
October 4, 1999 I added Confusion by Celia Straus on my Poetry page.  I added more ribbons to the list on my I Need Your Help page.
October 3, 1999 I added a link to I Need Your Help on my main page.  For a project I'm working on I need to make a list of ribbon campaigns.
October 2, 1999 I put banners for the Survivor Art Show on my main page and my Poetry page.
October 1, 1999 I changed things on my About Me page.
September 22, 1999 I added my poem America Once Beautiful to my Poetry page.  You can sing it like "America the Beautiful".  
September 19, 1999 I made some changes to I Was Abused Again on my Poetry page. 
September 18, 1999 I put I Was Abused Again on my Poetry page. 
September 14, 1999 I put my mom's poem Snowfall on my Poetry page.  I made changes to my Mom's pages and listed them on her What's New page.
September 10, 1999 I put Kylie's Poem on my Poetry page.  I put my email back on the Contact Me page.  I made changes to my Mom's pages and listed them on her What's New page.
May 4, 1999 I put Poems To/From A Stranger on my Poetry page.  They're from March but I didn't put them on until now.   I put my story Snake Oil on my Poetry page.   Most people won't like it but I don't care.  I took the email link away cause I can't do that anymore.  I put Precious Lives on my Poetry page.  I didn't write it but its about the killings at Columbine High School.  I wrote a new part on my About Me page to say why I can't be online anymore. And I made a page that gives permission to use my poems certain ways.
April 21, 1999 I made another change to How Many More?
April 21, 1999 I put How Many More? on my Poetry page.  I wrote it after the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton.  (I changed it since I put it up this morning.)
April 8, 1999 I changed the About Me page and I put something knew on my Rachel's Choice page.
March 28, 1999 I put Legacy on my Poetry page.  It's a poem about feeling alone and trapped and wanting to escape.  
January 24, 1999 I put A Girl's Life on my Poetry page.  Its a story I wrote after I read an article in a magazine about how sick the world is.
December 19, 1998 I put a link to a special Christmas song on my homepage.  ilym
December 17, 1998 I put Shameful Behavior on my Poetry page.  Its not a poem but I wrote it when I heard the news about the attack on Iraq.
December 10, 1998 I put Tolerance & Shame on my Poetry page.  I didn't write it but I think its really good and important to read.
December 7, 1998 I put my song Shadows On My Heart on my Poetry page.  I added the Breaking the Silence: A Community of Survivors Webring to my Webring page.
December 6, 1998 I made changes on my Mom's pages.  You can see them on her What's New page.
December 1, 1998 I added The Incurable Disease to my Poetry page and other places.
November 25, 1998 I added A Prayer for the Children to my Poetry page.
October 15, 1998 

I finally picked something for Rachel's Choice.  I added a cool award I got to Rachel's Other Page.   I wrote some more on the About Me page.
September 27, 1998 
I added the America Deserves Better Webring.
September 19, 1998 
I added If Teddy Bears Could Talk by Penny Vaughan to my Poetry page and a link to Teddy Bear Lane.
September 15, 1998  I added Forever Yours to my Poetry page and I made a Poetry Index.
September 14, 1998



I made a Webring page that will have all my webrings and awards.   I added the Survivors Line Around the World webring and the Let the Truth Ring Out webring.  I added a Poetry Award and a Beautify Site Award from Alexandra.
September 13, 1998


I added the Webring thingy for The Poetry Empire Webring to my Poetry page.  And I added the People Against Violence webring too.
September 12, 1998


I wrote Thank You, Mr. President, a poem for President Clinton and Presidential Legacy a new story on my Poetry page.
Women Poets of the Web webring thingy didn't get turned on yet.
September 11, 1998

I couldn't sleep so I came up with a better way to read my poems Terror and Hope on my Poetry page.
I added the
Women Poets of the Web webring.
September 8, 1998
Changed some things on the About Me page
NetMind for notification of web page changes.
September 6, 1998 Added Terror and Hope to my Poetry page.
August 30, 1998

Rachel's Other Page got added to the the PS-- the children Webring and I added the webring thingy.

Added my mom's poem Dedication to my Poetry page.

August 28, 1998
Added Wonder to my Poetry page.  I might not leave it on here.
August 26, 1998 Put the AIDS ribbon on my new pages.
August 19, 1998

Made all the new pages have a whitish background color.
Added a link to
Cosi's story Death All Around Me on my Poetry page.
Added a navigation thing to most of the pages.
August 17, 1998
Added The Project to my Poetry page.
August 15, 1998

Created my Poetry page and copied all my poems including a new version of American Girls and made a link to Two Moments in Time by Echo Brahe.
Added the banner for the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
August 14, 1998

Created Rachel's Other Page
Created new
About Me / What's New / This Site and Contact Pages for Rachel's Other Page

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