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American Girls
(by Rachel Williams)

Four girls woke up early
With stretches and yawns
Just as they did
When each new day dawns

Each got out of her bed
Washed her face and got dressed
And brushed out her hair
So that she'd look her best

In four different houses
They each went downstairs
Gave their fathers a kiss
And sat down on their chairs

They said "hi" and made teases
To their sisters and brothers
And they got a big hug
From each of their mothers

They talked and they laughed
They made plans to have fun
Then their mom's said it was time
They said breakfast was done

The girls picked up their books
And they started to leave
But their mother's said "Wait."
"Take your lunch. Fix your sleeve."

They kissed and they hugged
Said "Goodbye" and "Have fun."
Then the girls all went out
And they started to run

The girls ran for the bus
They ran very fast
Never knowing those hugs
Had been their last

At school they saw friends
Went to class, had a test
They passed notes, and they giggled
"Do you like my new vest?"

Then a bell started to ring
"Fire Drill. This is fun."
And they all walked outside
Into the bright midday sun

No fire was burning
There was no plan for a drill
But something so evil
Was outside on the hill

They were four little girls
Only twelve and eleven
When they walked out of their school
Two boys sent them to heaven

"What's that noise?" "Oh my god!"
"What's happening?" "Help, I hurt!"
And the nightmare went on
Children's blood in the dirt.

Children running and screaming
Falling down with such pain
And the boys kept on shooting
Again and again

The boys were so careful
They had made up a plan
Teach the girls a good lesson
"Never turn down a man"

Children scream "Help it hurts!"
"Make it stop!" "Help I'm bleeding."
"Get a doctor." "Hurry! Quick!"
"Dear God these four aren't breathing."

Parents crying with grief
The whole world sharing their pain
For four little girls
Whose deaths were in vain

The girls were so young
Not that much past ten
When they became victims
Of the violence of men

Four little girls
Killed by boys not yet men
Four little girls
When will it happen again?

Copyright 1998 Rachel Williams

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