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America Once Beautiful
(by Rachel Williams)

Still beautiful through blackened eyes,
Abused by boys and men,
Surrounded by this vicious breed,
Your childhood ended then.
America! America! God closed his eyes on thee,
Girls left to cry and sometimes die,
From sea to shining sea.

O beautiful with body beat,
In bloodied and torn dress,
A punching bag, a piece of meat,
Lost in this wilderness.
America! America! God made this awful flaw,
Men have no soul or self-control,
And hide behind the law.

O beautiful brave heroines,
Who struggle as a wife,
Who more than self their families love,
Begging mercy for their life!
America! America! May God thy heart refine,
Till all are blessed with gentleness,
And love restored is thine.

O beautiful who fear to dream,
Worn old beyond your years, 
Thine alabaster skin does gleam,
Awash with bitter tears.
America! America! God save us from this plight,
Restore the good to brotherhood,
Before we lose the light.

Copyright 1999 Rachel Williams

Associated Press
Wednesday, September 22, 1999

ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 21-A 9-year-old boy has admitted participating in the gang rape of his 8-year-old sister, police said today.  The boy persuaded his sister to enter an abandoned house and "to some degree directed the activities of the others," the St. Paul Police Department said.  Seven boys--ages 6 to 13--are suspected in the attack.  Police questioned three Monday at an elementary school and the other four today.  The victim and her attackers were "playmates," police said.  Police said four of the boys, including her brother, raped the girl.  "It's a bad situation," police spokesman Michael Jordan said. "It's a terrible impact certainly on this little girl and possibly some of the boys."  No arrests have been made. 

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