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Red Tears
(by Rachel Williams)

I was hurting so very bad 
And needed help last night 
But my voice was weak and quiet 
As I sat here with my fright 

There were others speaking up more 
Able to speak their pain out loud 
They were given care and attention 
My soft cries lost in the crowd 

I thought this place was different 
I hoped here I could find new friends 
But this room is like the world outside 
It's no different here in the end 

People have their own sad problems 
And friends they care more about 
If you're new they just don't see you 
Unless you can scream and shout 

I called for help as best I could 
Waved my hands trying to be heard 
But my cries went unattended 
I received not one kind word 

Its a lesson that I should have known 
Its been etched into my head 
Don't count on others to help you 
No matter what they've said 

I tried to keep on trying 
Hoping someone would hold out their hand 
Being ignored just made the pain explode 
So I did just what I'd planned 

The blade was oh so very sharp 
But I didn't cut too deep 
I felt the pain start leaving me 
As red tears I began to weep 

Why was life invented 
If it always makes you cry 
There's so much pain and sadness 
It can't be worse after you die 

But I'm not even strong enough 
To take that final leap 
I'm still trapped in this sick sad world 
God please take me when I sleep

Copyright 1999 Rachel Williams

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