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Rachel's Choice


This isn't what I thought it was going to be.  I thought this would be where I pick different web pages that I like alot.  But I don't really feel like doing that.  Instead I think I'll use it to tell about things that I really like.   This time its a move that I just saw and I think is awesome.

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My new family didn't want me to see it before cause of how it might upset me but I finally saw the move "City of Angels".  We rented it and now I want to buy the tape and watch it alot more.  I cried so much when I watched it for alot of different reasons.  I have to watch it more so I can figure out all the feelings it gave me when I watched the first time.

I like the way they made the angels look and the way they made it seem when someone dies.  I like the idea that there are all these angels all around us and we can't see them.  They live in libraries. :-)  They can read people's minds and they listen to everyone reading since they can't read themselves.  And they do things to help people feel calmer and when its time for someone to die they're like these really wonderful beings that just take your hand and let you know that everything's going to be alright and you don't have to be scared. 

What I like best about the angels in the movie is they don't look the way everyone thinks angels look.   They're not like in the paintings where the angels don't look like real people and they have wings.   They look like regular people except they look so peaceful and happy.  And they just KNOW everything is going to be good.  I like to think there was someone like that for my mom when she died.

In the movie, angels aren't people who died.   They were never human.  They were always just angels and they will be forever.   They're there because God wants them to be there.  And they know God and they take people to wherever it is that God made for us after we die.

I like how they made it in the movie because nobody on earth really knows what God is really like or what happens after we die.   People in the different religions think they know but its just what they believe.   Nobody will ever know for sure until after they die.  Religions are just about different rules and ideas people made up to feel good about God and not be scared about living.  Someone told me religions were invented to give people hope so I guess they're good that way.  In the movie there's nothing about religion.  Its just about God and I like that better.

The movie's also a really awesome love story.  I don't want to ruin it in case you didn't see it yet but I think it would be awesome to have someone love me the way Seth loved Maggie in the movie.  It was pure love.  I don't think people can really love that way but I wish they did.  I don't think I'd be so scared if I knew that's the way someone loved me.

And the last thing about the movie is I wish I could hear the music at sunrise.

April 8, 1999


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