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(by Rachel Williams)

People think they know me
Cause they see me everyday
They think they know just how I feel
By the things they hear me say

But sometimes the person that they see
Is not the one that's there
Sometimes it even confuses me
And it really isn't fair

Who's face is in the mirror?
How can she smile when I feel bad?
To her the world is full of joy
To me it seems so sad

Today I woke up smiling
But I couldn't tell you why
Inside me someone's hurting
But you can't hear her cry

What will today feel like?
Will I remember when its through?
Did I make a new friend or fall in love?
Will I even know with who?

There's two sides to every story
A coin can be tails or heads
But when I look inside myself
I see so many threads

Be careful how you pull them
Put them back please when you're done
Because I need to weave them all
Together to be one.

Copyright 1997 Rachel Williams

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