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(by Celia Straus)

Let me stop the war within,
The voices arguing Ė chaotic din
Confused by memories they cannot feel
From childhood past no longer real.

Let me find a path to take
Away from pain, away from ache,
Away from endless asking how
That keeps me from the time thatís now.

Let me grasp the central knot
That ties me up so Iím still caught
In tangled feelings I canít leave,
In images I canít retrieve.

Let me open one door more
To show me what Godís love is for
So I can find the self I know
And finding self, let all pain go.

About this Poem

This poem is really a prayer that was written by Celia Straus and is part of her book "Prayers On My Pillow - Inspiration for Girls on the Threshold of Change".  She wrote this and the others in her book for her daughters starting when her oldest daughter was 12.  You can read more about them in this newspaper article.  You can buy the book at almost any bookstore or online.  The book is "a collection of 150 prayers encouraging girls to look inward for the strength to heal hurts, calm fears, and reconcile with family and friends. They present the values of self-reliance and confidence and celebrate the unique pleasures and challenges of being a girl."   That's how its described on her website that's also called Prayers On My PillowYou should visit the website.  It has some other poems and things she wrote and you can even request a special prayer or have one sent to someone you know.  And the prayers aren't for any special religion so that makes them even better.

October 4, 1999

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