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Poetry & Story Index

In Memory Abuse/Surviving
How Many More (for Littleton) Red Tears
You Said (for my mother) Please Daddy
My Life (for my mother) America Once Beautiful
My Best Friend (for my mother) I Was Abused Again
American Girls (for Jonesboro) Poems To/From A Stranger
American Girls  (original) Legacy
The Wall (for my uncle) A Girl's Life
Tiny Angels (for Okla. City) Shadows On My Heart
A Prayer for the Children
The Incurable Disease
Forever Yours
Our World Wonder
Truth Doesn't Matter Terror & Hope
Snake Oil The Project
Tolerance & Shame (Unknown) Dedication (by my mother)
Shameful Behavior Threads
The Puzzle (by Erin) A Special Place
Many Faces
Going Away
If Teddy Bears Could Talk
(by Penny Vaughan)
Snowfall (by my mother)
The Crayon Box (by Erin)
Childhood Violence/War
Roller and Sonic American Girls
Cats American Girls  uncut
Differences The Wall
Kylie's Poem (by Kylie) Tiny Angels
Death All Around Me (by Cosi)
How Many More?
Precious Lives (by Meghan & Ashley)
Abuse/Presidential Other
Thank You, Mr. President Two Moments in Time
(by Echo Brahe)
Presidential Legacy Confusion (by Celia Straus)


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