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Precious Lives
(by Meghan Lyn Reinhart and Ashley Rachel Mather)
In the suburb in Colorado
In a nice calm high school
Freshmen to seniors are just keeping it cool
Til around 11:30 they hear gunshots in the halls
They look out their classroom and see kids held to the wall
Two boys in trenchcoats shooting away
and for some, this was their last day
People, scared, hid in shock
As they went around asking if they were jocks
So many hurt people couldn't help but mourn
As 15 precious lives were torn
Hiding behind desks, trying to keep calm
As triggers went off and so did the bomb
Shrapnel flew through skin it tore
Hide from the killers, barracade the door
They started to scream, they started to cry
Praying to God that they just wouldn't die
Some remained trapped, some got out
and they didn't have a clue what this was all about
Outside were the media and press
Getting the details about the mess
About 4 hours later mostly everyone was out
and now all they could do is cry and shout
It's not fair, crimes commited by Eric and Dylan
Because they're unfair and hate, is no reason to kill them
There is so much hate in the world today
and all we can do is hope and pray
That one day violence will end
in this poem we have a message to send
That you shouldn't hate; it's unfair and cruel
Treat others how you want to be treated
and that's the golden rule.

Copyright 1999 Meghan Lyn Reinhart and Ashley Rachel Mather

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