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I made my first web site with my mother starting back in 1995.  It was called Rachel's Page and when we started it there were hardly any pages on the web that were for kids or by kids.  We worked on that page together for a long time until my mom got too sick to do anymore.  I grew up and changed alot since we did that but I don't want to change those pages because they remind me of all the times my mom and I spent together.

So I decided to keep the old Rachel's Page the way it is from now on and I made this new set of pages.  I couldn't think of what to call them, so I just called them Rachel's Other Page.  I don't know how much I'll keep working on them or if I'll change it alot or not.  Rachel's Page is a place that's safe for little kids but Rachel's Other Page will have links about things that little kids shouldn't read yet.

I also want to work on my mom's web site and fix all the broken links and find new ones so it can keep being a place where people can find lots of help.

You can send me email or sign my guestbook to let me know what you think.

August 15, 1998
changed September 14, 1998

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