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All of the poems and stories I wrote and put on my website have a copyright notice on them.  That means they belong to me and nobody else can use them unless I give permission.  Here are the ways that its ok for people to use my poems and stories.:

You can make copies or retype any of my poems or stories to use for yourself or to give them away to other people for free. 

You can send them by email to other people. 

If you're a doctor or counselor you can give them to people who you're trying to help even if they have to pay for the visits as long as they don't have to pay extra to get my poems. 

You can put them in frames and hang them if you want as long as you don't charge anyone to do it.  

If you do any of those things you have to make sure my name is on the poem or story as the author and you have to keep the copyright notice thingy on it.

You can make links on your web pages to my pages where my poems and stories are on my website.

You can put up to three of my poems or stories on your web page but only if you say that I'm the author and keep the copyright thingy on them and make a link to my homepage.  And like if I think the place you put them has bad things on it I might tell you you're not allowed to do it anymore.

You can read my poems or stories to other people as long as you tell everyone that I'm the author.

You're NOT allowed to put any of my poems or stories in a book or magazine or pamphlet or anything like that if you're going to sell it unless all the money goes to a charity.

You're NOT allowed to use any of my poems as lyrics for a song that you or anyone else performs unless its being performed for free.   You're NOT allowed to make tapes or CDs or any kinds of recordings of a song that uses one of my poems if its gonna be sold unless all the money goes to a charity.

Please make sure you sign my guestbook and tell me if you use any of my poems or stories.

May 4, 1999

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