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Rachel's Old Guest Book

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This is all the people who wrote me before I got my new guest book. I won't put anymore names here. But maybe I will keep putting new countries.

Please Sign my new guest book.

If someone has their own page you can click on their name and go to their page.

These are the countries that people wrote to me from.
United States England Bermuda
Norway France Canada
Australia Holland Hungary
Israel Germany Finland
Belgium Sweden Japan

These are the people who wrote to me about my page. I changed the list so the newest names are on top.

Please write so I can put your name here!
Over 200 names now!!!!!

  1. Kim Austin from Australia
  2. Rachel Phipps from Grantham, Pennsylvania
  3. Nicolas Cosio from Mexico
  4. Van Lowe from Arkansas
  5. Vince Mankelow from Prospect, South Australia
  6. William Stein from Illinois
  7. Brad Strickland from ??
  8. Greg Murray from Chicago
  9. Tobi Friesler from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  10. Paul Ko from ???
  11. Roger Peters from ???
  12. Gabi from Israel
  13. David J. Oldenburg from Northfield, Minnesota
  14. Rich Williams from West Lafayette, Indiana
  15. Laurie Nairn from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  16. Elise Paul from near Toronto, Canada
  17. Lauren Kay from Mundelein, Illinois
  18. D.J. from Minnesota
  19. Rachel King from Massillon, Ohio
  20. Doug Greenberg from Berkeley, California
  21. Dianne Bennett from ????
  22. Philip Day from ???
  23. Matthew Mcknight from Halifax
  24. Peter Steindler from ???
  25. Anna-Mi and Axel Wendel from Sweden
  26. Roch Thornton from Kansas City, Missouri
  27. Jeff Mick from Cedarville, Ohio
  28. Lyndy Neale from San Antonio, Texas
  29. Elizabeth Muzzo from Chicago, Illinois
  30. Tom Eckstrand from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  31. Richard Heilbrunn from Indiana
  32. Danny Dowler from ???
  33. Dan Sedlacek from Boca Raton, Florida
  34. Blaine Meadows from Gloucester, Ontario
  35. Kailey Harvey from New South Wales, Australia
  36. Christopher Nichols from North Dakota
  37. Christopher and Mark Adams from ???
  38. Patricia D. McClendon from Louisville, Kentucky
  39. Teruaki Sakurada from Sapporo,Japan
  40. Go Sugimoto from Reston, Virginia
  41. Cindy Parker from Westminster, California
  42. Ralf P. from Germany
  43. Roger Keeling from Canada
  44. Anne K. from Rochester, New York
  45. M.J. Khalsa from Pennsylvania
  46. Kris from Edmund, Oklahoma
  47. Brendan Nayer from Canada
  48. Todd Westphal from McFarland, Wisconsin
  49. Yuki Akagi from Tokyo, Japan
  50. Melanie Fisher from Canberra, Australia
  51. Ramon Dailey from Port Townsend, Washington
  52. Margot Anderson from New Hampshire
  53. Sasha P. from Wyoming
  54. Stephen Randall from Utah
  55. Steven Hopkins from ???
  56. Andy Leblanc from ???
  57. Rob Quiring from Abbotsford BC Canada
  58. Talia Epstein from Sydney, Australia
  59. Brian Glover from Nevada
  60. Don Ferry from Denver, Colorado
  61. Devyn Duffy from Ohio
  62. Ramesh Hariharan from Princeton, New Jersey
  63. Steven from Los Angeles
  64. David Speers from Wilmington, Delaware
  65. Marianne and Jane Lubenskyi from ???
  66. Elizabeth Bachrach from Springfield, Virginia
  67. Rachel Acito from near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  68. Callie Walters from Adelaide, South Australia
  69. Ray Berilla from Columbus, Ohio
  70. Randy Lariviere from Canada
  71. Chuck Ward from Pensacola Beach, Florida
  72. Kim in Seattle, Washington
  73. Mariel Bigatti from California
  74. Dennea Buchanan from California
  75. Kamilla Pahlefors from Stockholm, Sweden
  76. Hallie Kean from New Jersey
  77. Conor Benson from Illinois
  78. Keith Snazel from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  79. Michael Moynihan from Australia
  80. Daniel Peters from Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  81. Erik Riese from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  82. Arielle Graham from Boise, Idaho
  83. Rachel Galloway from Provo, Utah
  84. Ahmed E. Ibrahim from London, England
  85. Kristian Bland from Beaumont, Texas
  86. Gordon H from ????
  87. Gilles Arseneault from Quebec City, Canada
  88. cyrus from the University of Texas
  89. Steve Burman from
  90. Kelley Beane from Oklahoma
  91. Connie Pfahlert from Nashua, New Hampshire
  92. Allison from Kentucky
  93. Nick Macey from Salt Lake City, Utah
  94. Kassim Abdullah from Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  95. Bronwyn Lee from Sydney, Australia
  96. Eric Haddock from Union Grove, Wisconsin
  97. Carrie Greene from Minnesota
  98. Megan Vance from Kauai, Hawaii
  99. Sarah Packard from Canton, Michigan
  100. Courtney Whitworth from ???
  101. Amber Lash from Hamilton, Massachusetts
  102. Katie Bremer from Madison, Wisconsin
  103. Margie Kelly from St. Fitroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada
  104. Laurel Kelly from Calgary, Canada
  105. Sarah Wenk from Woodstock, New York
  106. Daniel from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  107. Kenny Richmond from Florida
  108. Nick Gray from Southampton, England
  109. Steven Ford from Tucson, Arizona
  110. Sue Clouder from England
  111. Razz Corica from Denver, Colorado
  112. Eva Soliz from New York City
  113. Stuart Constantine from Brooklyn, New York
  114. Loc Trinh from Houston, Texas
  115. Dominique Vanhee from Belgium
  116. Mariah Smith from California
  117. Monika Bough from Oak Harbor, Washington
  118. Mike and David Hall from Richardson, Texas
  119. Denis Germain from Canada
  120. Tatiana Warkentin from St.Jonh's Newfoundland in Canada
  121. Jean Boivin from Quebec, Canada
  122. Raoul Carrier from Quebec City, Canada
  123. Colin Stein from Dallas, Texas
  124. Cosanna from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  125. Annastiina and her mom from Finland
  126. Aaron Roth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  127. Rachel Sweeney from Norwalk, Connecticut
  128. Joe Cross from Wichita, Kansas
  129. Jay Field From Santa Rosa, California
  130. Gary W. from
  131. Brian and Robin Bird from Ottawa, Canada
  132. Astrid Martland from Jersey.
  133. Mark Burfeind from Minnesota
  134. Tom
  135. Yimin Chen
  136. Megan Lucovsky from Georgia
  137. Shira Goldenberg from Israel
  138. David Benson from Atlantic City, New Jesery
  139. Sally B. Griffis from the Vietnam Veterans Home Page
  140. Erich Schulman from Knoxville, Tennessee
  141. John Paul Rossie from ?????
  142. Bill McBride from the Vietnam Veterans Home Page
  143. Jerry Luoma from
  144. Jennifer Alexander from CyberKids magazine
  145. Michael Hauser from CyberKids magazine
  146. Anthony Backes from Brown Deer, Wisconsin
  147. T.Q. White II from near Chicago
  148. Michael Demopoulos from Champlin, Minnesota
  149. Katherine Young in Canada
  150. Brittany Roca in Atlanta, Georgia
  151. Tore Langeland Tangen from Norway
  152. Daniel Black from Las Cruces, New Mexico
  153. Marilyn Doyle from someplace(She didnt give a email address)
  154. Victor Heater from Golden, Colorado
  155. Kaptas Denes from Hungary
  156. Istvan Gyulai from Nyirenyhaz, Hungary
  157. Erwin de Winter from Amsterdam, Holland
  158. Robert van Krieken from Sydney, Australia
  159. Rachel at
  160. Ian in New Orleans, Louisiana
  161. Dawn Johnson at Purdue University
  162. Dale Hubert from Wilfrid Jury School in London, Ontario, Canada
  163. David Leith at
  164. Heidi Davies in Red Bluff, California
  165. Graham Cleek from Amarillo, Texas
  166. Michelle Baldwin near McMinville, Oregon
  167. Phyllis Anna Sklar from Madison, Wisconsin
  168. Gwen, Ezra, Adrienne and Jessica Davidson from ????
  169. Liana Loos from Madison, Wisconsin
  170. Mary Hunt from America Online
  171. Brad Neuberg from
  172. Cara Jo Wilson from Kilgore, Texas/b>
  173. Sabrina Robinson from Scotts Valley, California
  174. Becky Amesbury from England
  175. Cody Fleming from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  176. Jacques Bouroche from Paris, France
  177. Justin Nowlen from
  178. Deb Barshafsky in Augusta, Georgia
  179. Nancy Bradford-Richardson in Estes Park, Colorado
  180. Justin Scott from Internet Express
  181. Kathy and Lacie Schaeffer in Pennsylvania
  182. Max Boggs in Orlando, Florida
  183. Eisenhower High school Honors Geometry in Decatur, Illinois
  184. Bryan Thalhammer from the University of Illinois
  185. Kay Ellen Krautscheid from Oregon
  186. Tore L. Tangen from Norway
  187. Cecilie Evju from Trondheim, Norway!
  188. Matthew Ginsberg-Jaeckle in Boulder, Colorado
  189. Kim Geaghan at
  190. Tara McElroy from
  191. Rick Allison from
  192. Larry Rosenzweig in Illinois
  193. Wendy Maurer in Sausalito, California
  194. Brad at CTDNews
  195. Evan Canter in Morton Grove, Illinois
  196. David Ellisat
  197. Josh Huang in Circle Pines, Minnesota
  198. Ethan Perkins in New Orleans, Louisiana
  199. Jenna Viera at Mount Saint Agnes Academy in Bermuda
  200. Gerry Renshaw at the Mount Saint Agnes Academy, Bermuda
  201. Bill Lang in New Jersey
  202. Leeaht Segev in Walnut Creek, California
  203. Gil Kloepfer in Sugar Land, Texas
  204. Andrew Knoblauch in Illinois
  205. Andy Carvin in Washington, D.C.
  206. Jennifer Anne Allen in Illinois
  207. Andy at Michigan State University
  208. Bruce Nesmith in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  209. Alan Levy in Chicago, Illinois
  210. Molly Borowitz in Ivy, Virginia
  211. Platinum Technology in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
  212. Anita McFarlane in Wheaton, Illinois
  213. Becky Crane in Parkland, Florida
  214. Joe Flores in Champaign, Illinois
  215. Sean Williams in Los Angeles, California
  216. Christopher Salata
  217. Craig Thom in Rockford, Illinois
  218. Amanda Hurst and her dad in Wheaton, Illinois
  219. Monte Kalisch in Colorado
  220. Keith Cooper in Chicago, Illinois
  221. Ralph in Champaign, Illinois
  222. Pat Greanias in Decatur, Illinois
  223. Stef Leinwohl in Cincinatti, Ohio
  224. G.L. Przygo
  225. Francisco Pulgar in Chicago, Illinois
  226. Rohit Jainendra in Madison, Wisconsin
  227. Ben Parker in Chicago, Illinois
  228. Christine and Linda Sulvita in Honolulu, Hawaii
  229. Shannon Dawson in Wheaton, Illinois
  230. Dave Fell in Chicago, Illinois
  231. Dave Skwarczek and Roberto in Chicago
  232. Steve Burr in Phoenix, Arizona
  233. Melissa Coyle and her dad in Chicago
  234. Ryan at University of Florida
  235. Nicky in Houston, Texas
  236. Tom in Homewood, Illinois
  237. Bob Steinberg in Glenview, Illinois
  238. Megan's mom wrote me too. Thank you Mrs. Petry.
  239. Megan in Crestwood, Kentucky
  240. Kate and Peggy in England
  241. Bonnie in Cincinnati, Ohio
  242. Garrick in Florida
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