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Rachel's Cool Site For The Time Being

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Ok. You know how they have a cool site of the day and stuff? Well this where I pick my cool site. Only I don't change it every day. I only change it when I find another really cool site. So it might not change for a long time. If you find a place you think should be my cool site you can write and tell me. But it has to be really awesome and it has to be for kids!

Cool Site For The Time Being

Changed on May 7, 1996

Here are the places that were my Cool Site picks before:

Club Girl Tech
April 28, 1996 to May 7, 1996

Family Internet Online Directory
February 21, 1996 to April 28, 1996

Home-Ed Kids
February 5, 1996 to February 21, 1996

Tristan N Tiffany's Daily Cool Stuff For Kids
January 17, 1996 to February 5, 1996

Looney Tunes Home Page
December 21, 1995 to January 17, 1996

BHI Teens: 90210
November 28, 1995 to December 21, 1995

Kid's WB
September 17, 1995 to November 28, 1995

Updated 5/8/96