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Rachel's Fun Places To Visit

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Links for Kids

Uncle Bob's Kids Page
is a place with a million places on it. I wish I could spend all day looking at the pages.

The Petry Family Home Page
has lots of places to explore. It has Megan's realy cool (get it) picture at the top.

Kid's Web
is a page a girl named Emma's dad made lots of links.

Web66 What's New For Kids
tells about new pages for kids. It has lots of school pages and other things too.

Children's Page: Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds
is sort of a Bowen Family Page but it has lots and lots of cool links. They even have my page!

Kid's Club
is new and its almost empty but it might get good.

Berit's Best Sites for Children
has lots of links. Some are museums and things and some are lots of diffrent kids links. My page is even on the list!!

Fun Kid Links
is another place with lots of links.

Stuff For Kids
has LOTS of realy cool links to games and all sorts of things. This is a realy good place to look.

Just 4 Kids
This place has realy cool links. I only got to look at some of them so far. I like this one alot.

David's Favorite Kids Links
David is a little kid and you might like the things on his page if your little to.

Ryan & Alysha's Links for Kids
There are three pages full of links but mostly it just gives the names so you have to try them to find out what they are. But I found some new ones here.

The Kid's Place
has links in different groups. They made it look realy nice and they might have lots more links later.

The Ultimate Children's Internet Sites!
has a ton of links. Some are grouped for diffrent age kids. Guess who's page is on this page!

has lots of links and a really cool background.

Kids Corner List
is a different Kids Corner that just has links to lots of places for kids and pages made by kids.

Mike's For Kids Only Net Page
has links to pages that kids will like. The list isnt big yet but you should look there anyway.

Cynthia & Winston's Kid's Page
has some really cool links that I didn't see before.

Kids of the Webnew
is by Marc and Brian and Amanda and it has links to alot of kids pages. Its sort of like my Kids Page. Their dad has a page called Links for Kids and it has alot of realy cool links but it takes forever before you can see them!

Ace Kids Home Pagenew
has alot of links and things like contests and a way to get help with homework. They even have my freind Cosi's stories! But the pages for parents should be someplace else.

The Pollanen Family's Cyberland Kids Playroom Linksnew
has some realy good links to all sorts of places. And they have lots of other kinds of pages to!


Activity Centers for Kids

Splash Kids Online
is a really cook magazine on the internet for kids. It has all sorts of things that you have to see.

is a place really for kids!!! You can make a message or find penpals or ask questions.

Kid's Corner
is totaly awsome!! It has games and a story you can make for you and lots of great places to go to.

Kid's Space
is fun to!

has a cute story that little kids will like to see.

Kid's Crossing
is a new place we found that looks it has lots of fun this to do.

Kids Only on the Milwaukee Web
is a new place that might be fun. It has coloring pages for little kids and a bulletin board you can put real note on. It has puzzles but only one so far. And it has a sort of news place for kids to talk about things. It has Molly who will help find things on the Internet like to help you do homework or something.

Wangaratta Primary School
is in Australia and they made pages with lots of activities. Its more for little kids but I still like it alot.

Soccer For Kids
is sort of a activity center but its all about soccer and its all for kids! It has soccer penpals and stories and tips and things. Alot of it isnt there yet but its still cool.

Kid's Crambo
has word games you can play. My freind Monika told me about this place.


Stories, Poems & Magazines by Kids

is a place where you can read stories kids wrote or send one that you wrote. The poems on my poem page are on KidPub too.

is a really cool magazine.

is a magazine made by kids who are 10 to 15.

International Student Newswire
is cool! It has news that kids write about and stories and poems to.


Other Special Places for Kids

is the new pages about the Goosebumps books.

Cache La Poudre Junior High School
is in Colorado. They have really fun pages. I wish my school did pages like them. Mr. Denise is really nice too.

Josh's Disney Page
has lots of things about Disney movies and Disneyland and other pages about Disney.

Crayola Crayons
is sort of ok. It tells how they make crayons and you can guess how many they make and other things. Its fun but theres not alot of things to do.

Nye Labs
is a page for Bill Nye the Science Guy from TV. It has things about the show and science and you can get a free Up-closifier.

Tales of Wonder
has fairy tales from countries all over the world. Some are realy good.

Radio Aahs Online
is a awsome radio station I heard when we went to Washington. Its just for kids all the time! It has music that kids like and kid news and stuff. Its sort of like Nickelodeon but on the radio. I wish I could hear it in Chicago. They have a puzzles and games page but its not very good yet.

Girl's Interwire
is a realy cool newletter just for girls! You can read it on the page or you can get it sent to you by email. Its awsome! And the people who make it have a page called The Puzzler that has fun word puzzles and they have a page with Cool Web Sites. I like this place alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Games to Play

is a page that lets you play a funny game with words.

Peg Game
is a page we found where you play against the computer.

Connect Four
is realy fun if you like the game that you buy at the store.

I didn't play this much but everyone knows this game.

Mr Potato Head?
lets you make funny faces like the toy sort of.

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