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Updated 7/11/95

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There's a page called the Vietnam Veterans Home Page and its for all the people who had to fight in that war like my uncle did. The people who make that page liked my poem and they put it on the page they made about The Wall. Im glad they did cause now lots more people can sort of know how it made me feel about my uncle and all the others who got killed.

My mom my uncle and me went to Philadelphia and we saw the Liberty Bell and the place they signed the Declaration of Independence and made the Constitution. We went to a festival they had by the river to and there was music and food and games an a awsome ride. Then we went to Washington DC and we saw so many cool places like the White house and the Capitol and Washington monument and Lincoln Memorial and lots of others. We went to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to cause my other uncles name is on it. That was realy sad and we cried alot. But I got to make a rubbing of his name and I put it on the wall in my room. I'm glad we went there. I wrote a poem about it to and you can read it on my poetry page if you want to.

Rusty came home with me yesterday! He's realy cute but he hides alot and likes to sleep cause hes so little.

I'm getting a new kitten! His name is Rusty and he's so tiny. He can't come home with me yet but I can't wait.

This part isnt fun. Im realy sad so many people got hurt and died by the bomb. And all the little kids. And kids who dont have a mom or dad anymore. I wish grownups would stop hurting kids. Lots of kids and families need help. My mom found a list of Ways you can help families and kids from the bomb.

I put this here cause I cant send email back to some people. Tara wrote me about my page. She asked me questions to. But it doesnt work when we try to send mail back. I hope her dad can tell us the right address.

And Kim Geaghen wrote me to. But she used the form to do the mail and she didnt say her address. Please tell me how to mail you back if you use the form thing.

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