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Awards For My Page


Featured as the

Yahooligan's Spotlight

in the Club Yahooligans! Summer Newsletter

Chosen as

for June 22, 1996.

Selected as an

acekids cool link

by AceKids

June 14, 1996

Featured in

Internet Kids Yellow Pages

The Internet Kids Yellow Pages

Chosen as

(I gave permission to use the name I thought up for my award.)

and selected as a

Net-mom Approved

Net-mom Approved Internet Site

Chosen as the

Teen Page Pick of the Week

for Feb. 14-21, 1996.


Thumbs Up Award

by The Teenagers Circle

site de jour

Selected by aha! Kids Network as the

for December 27, 1995.

Chosen as a

Certified Cool Site

by the World Famous Guestbook Server

Selected as a

Pendulum Swingin Site


Articles With My Page In Them


The Chicago Tribune Magazine, April 2, 1995.

The Press of Atlantic City, July 23, 1995

The Internet Explorer, November 20, 1995

San Jose Mercury News, December 5, 1995
(It's really about my freind Dennea but my page is in it too.)

If you know of any others, please tell me!


Some Nice Things People Put In My Guestbook
(like on Uncle Bob's Kids Page)


Lots of people signed my guestbook and wrote me mail and said realy nice things. Thank you to everyone who did that. It makes me feel realy good. I have to thank my mom to cause she does alot of the work to make my pages look so nice. Here are some of the things people wrote to me.

"I'm 18 and I your homepage was bookmarked on Netscape on the computer at my job. I work at a computer center for people with disabilities. We are in Chicago in a school for kids w/disabilities called ICRE-R. The reason why your page is bookmarked is because it is just fantastic for the kids to see such great creativity that can be used as some form of inspiration to them." -- Judith Susan Rocha

"I'm very impressed! I'm a 7th grade literature teacher and webmaster for Acadian Internet Access. I will be recommending your site to my children and students." -- Stephanie Knight

"Hi, I'm a 16 yr old, and i'm a Junior in High School. Your Page is really cool and Its one of the best ones ive seen." -- Jock Shirey

"I work for a local internet service provider, and I was about to creat a page for childrens. I happen to bump into your homepage and it is GREAT!!! I LOVE your poems!!!" -- Yan

" Hi, my name is Katie and I'm 13 years old. I think your page is really cool and alot of fun!" -- Katie

" I am a grown-up 33. I was surfin' around looking for interesting pages for children, I have two daughters. Your page is one of the best I've seen yet." -- Teri Ruby

"I am 11 years old and in gr 6. I liked everything on your page it is all so cool." -- Michelle LeFrancois

"Hi Rachel. I really enjoyed looking at your homepage you did a great job of it. ..... I work at an internet company here on Prince Edward Island so I do a of lot web pages and home pages there. But your's is one of the best I have seen yet." - - Jamie Trainor

"Hello, I'm 15 years old. Kenny told me about it.. so I surfed on over and WOW.. was I amazed.. your home page is great.. better than nearly every other one I've seen.. I want to congratulate you and your mom on the GREAT job you've done." -- Jason Scolaro

"I am a 32 yr old creative writer..... I think your page is the most fun, innovative, and creative I've come across." -- Tammy Rothwell

"Your page is just legendary!!!!!!!!!!" -- Sarah McDonald

"Hi, Rachel!! I am 11 years old and in sixth grade. I think your poetry page and your fun pages are awesome!!" -- Andrea

"I really liked the poems on your page and am waiting (hopefully) for you to post more." -- Jon Pike

"Hi! I'm a 12 year old boy and I really love Computers. .......I think your web site is really cool and I am going to tell my friends about this place." -- Dave Jayme

"Rachel, your pages are amazing! I am a (very old) grown-up, but I have a nine-year old daughter Katie, who is just getting interested in computers. She LOVED your pages! Congratulations!" -- Michael Lindsay

"Ultra neat home page! Keep it up!" -- Edwin

"Hello from Japan. I read about you on magazine "Internet Surfer". There are 12 kids interviews, but your homepage seems to be most popular in kids." -- Tomoi Satoh

"I'm 45 but haven't grown up yet. I found you when I registered my guest book and had to see what an eleven year old could do. I'm humbled, you have a great future in store for you." -- Dan Murry

"I am 9 1/2. I LOVE your page! It was sooooooooooo CooL..." -- Erica Blair

"I enjoyed the content of your pages, the info was Outstanding!!! Good graphics!!! Awesome!! Congrats on the earned them!!" -- Ivery L. Marable

"Rachel, I love your page!!" -- Kevin Johnson

"I'm a grownup and I've looked at a bunch of other grownup's pages and yours blows them away. Keep up the good work!" -- Ray Willig

"Nice job! It's fun!" -- Annie

"I'm 28 years old. Just happened by while surfing the net. You are doing a great job with your own page. I wish you the best of luck in the future. I'm new at surfing the net but I'd have to say that this is one of the coolest sites I've visited yet." -- Troy Ballew

"I'm 12 years old, and I'm in the 7th grade........ I think your page is really awesome and I added it to my bookmarks." -- Honora Shea

"Hi, I'm Honora. I signed you're guest book before, but I come to your page , like, every day (it''s really cool), so I decided to sign it again." -- Honora Shea

"Gotta admit, your home page is still the best on the Internet for kids and teenagers (like me!)....... I have never seen so many people say so many great things about your site. Your home page is talked about, both on the net, and around my school too! I am the BEST at computers at my school (everyone knows it), and I hear soooooooo much about your home page!" -- Dave J.

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