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Rachel's Collection of Kid's Home Pages

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Kid's Home Pages


I like to look at pages that other kids made. Some are really cool. My mom and me gets lots of letters from kids that want to know how to make a page. If you dont have anyplace to have a page or you cant get help to learn or something BHI Teens 90210 will let you have a page for free. They will even make the page for you! You just have to be under 18.

Kate's Page
is my friend Kate's home page. She lives in Low Bentham, England. Kates dad told my mom we could make a page and we did! I hope you visit her page.

Peggy's Page
Peggy is Kate's sister and she has a page too. Can you guess where she lives? DUH. Peggy is 5 and Kate is 7.

Shannon Dawson
is a realy cool freind. She lives in Wheaton, Illinois and is 9.

Megan's Home Page
is by my friend Megan Petry. She's 10 and lives in Crestwood, Kentucky and her brother has a place on her page. Their whole family has a page too.

Jenna Amberg-Johnson
is another friend. She is 9 and she lives in Kailua, Hawaii.

Amanda Hurst
is 8 and she lives in Wheaton, Illinois.

Spoot's Page
is really cool! Nicky made it and he is my age.

Astrid Martland
lives in Jersey and she has her own page too. I found it on Kate's Page.

Alice Bowen and Emma Bowen
live in North Oxford, England.

Matthew Ginsberg-Jaeckle
lives in Boulder, Colorado. I think he's going into 8th grade.

Josh Huang
is 13 and he lives in Minnesota. He liked the Animaniac pictures on my page and asked if he could put them on his page.

Molly Borowitz
lives in Ivy, Virginia. She's going into 3rd grade. If you know anyone with asthma her dad made a realy cool page where you can learn about it.

Jon's Home Page
Jon has things about Sega and X-Men and Doom. I don't like those things much but maybe you do.

Hillary Ford's Home Page
Hillary is 7 and she lives in Arizona and her page has other pages to go to.

Ayal's Home Page
Ayal lives in Israel and he's 14 and he's really nice. He got his sister Tal to be my penpal and he helps translate the letters. Tal is 10 and its fun to write to her.

Nick's Place
is Nick Macey's home page. He's 10 and he's making a newsletter for his page and other things. I bet it will be really cool!

Bronwyn's Page
is by Bronwyn Lee who lives in Australia and is 12. Her page has a really funny link about ways to get your parents mad and other cool links too!

Dennea Buchanan
is just starting her home page but it looks cool and she wrote to me and sounds cool so I bet its a cool page. Her brothers and sisters are going to have pages to and you can find them from the Buchanan Family WWW Page.

Derya Davenport
is 11 like me and she lives in Ankara, Turkey!! Her page has links on it but I didnt get to see them yet.

Marianne's Story Web
is cool cause it has awesome drawings Marianne made and a keypal list and a story she wrote and you can help her with how to write the rest. Or you can have a private keypal chat with her.

Elizabeth's Snow White Page
is special cause Elizabeth's brothers help make it for her. She lives near Chicago too like I do.

Callie's Home Page
is by my new friend from Australia. She's 12 and shes in 7th grade. And she told me a way to try and remember how to spell friend the right way.

Lyndsay's Links and Other Stuff
is by Lyndsay Grant and she lives in Canada. She's 12. Her page has some really cool things on it like the eyes.

Debbie's Home Page
is by Debbie and she's 12. She has cool pictures on her page.

Hallie's Page
is by my friend Hallie Kean. She's 12 and her page has a really cool background.

Danielle's Favorite Things
is by my friend Danielle Coffey. She's my age and was one of my new penpals before we moved. Her page has some cool links. She's in a penpal club called GIRL. It was made by Monika and her page is next.

Monika's Musical Mountain of Fun
was made by my really awesome friend Monika Bough. She writes the best poems and letters and shes the president of GIRL. Thats a penpal club for girls 8-14. You gotta visit her page

Marie Claude's Cool Page
is by Marie Claude and she's 11 and lives in Montreal. She's cool cause she likes Goosebumps and Nickelodeon too!

Dave Jayme's Home Page
is by Dave Jayme and he's in 7th grade and lives in Oregon. I like the links he has on his page.

Daniel's Page
is by Daniel and he's 11 and he lives in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Dave Patrick's Homepage
is a page by Dave Patrick from Rocky River, Ohio. He's 10 and he has a keypal page and other pages too.

Terra's Home Page
is by Terra and she's 11 and lives in Canada. She has pictures and stories about things she likes and about endangered animals in her part of Canada.

Kids Fun Page
is really Patricia Riopel's page. She lives in Canada and she's 10. Its still a new page but she is going to put alot of cool things here.

Colleen's Homepage
is Colleen Kirchharr's page. She's 10 and she lives in Florida. Her sister has a page too and they have a cool links page.

Mandy Lovelace's Homepage
Mandy is 9 and she lives in Louisianna and her page is just starting but she has some cool things.

The Spoke Family Homepage
There are like four kids and they all have their own pages. Sarah's my age and she likes alot of the same things as me. And her dad helped us fix something on our page. So visit their page.

Ingebjorg's Homepage
Is by Ingebjorg Hovde. She's 14 and she lives in Norway. Her page as cool links and lots of links to other kids pages.

Hannah's Homepage
is by Hannah and she's 15 and lives in England. She has links to her favorite actors and actresses and a contest you can vote in too.

Erin's Hangout
I really like Erin's page. She's almost 13 and she made her page look really nice and it has fun things on it.

Marisa's Homepage
is by Marisa and she's 13 and lives in California. Her page is good and she wants to make it a really special place for girls.

Michelle's Page
is by my penpal Michelle Baldwin. She's home schooled like me and has lots of animals and writes lots of good poems!.

Amber's Place
is by another penpal and she told me about her page a long time ago and I forgot to put it here. I just looked at it again and its really cool.

Kevin's Homepage
has lots of kids pages and cool links. His mom and dad own an internet company.

Dave's New Domain
is by David Lindsay and he's 11 and lives in Canada.

Lauren's Place in Cyberspace
is Lauraliz's special place and is very very cool.

Jordan Farr's Home Page
is by Jordan. She's 8 and lives near New York City.

Josh's Home Page
I don't know Josh but he's 13 and he lives in Michigan and he's freinds with our friend Kenny so he must be cool.

Kit's Home Page
is by Kit Riggs who's 10 and lives in Pennsylvania and likes alot of things that I do.

Charity Eyre's Homepage
is by Charity Eyre who's 9 and has lots of brothers and sisters!

Christine & Lisa's Homepage
is by Charity's friends who are 9 and 11. They live in Utah like Charity.

Ewok's Killer Page
is by Ryan who's 12 and has all sorts of different links on his page.

Sam Gal's Page
is by Samantha Kay who's 14 and is an actress in New York City.

Stephanie's World
is Stephanie Co's page and she's 10 and lives in the Philippines. Her page is really cool.

Minami's Castle
is by a girl who's 12 and lives in Japan.

Kelly's Home Page
is by Kelly and she's 11 and her page has lots of different things including poetry that's cool.

Hayley's Place
Hayley's 12 and she has some really cool things even if she borrowed the name for my cool site page.

Marie's Homepage
is by Marie who's 15 and she was a page in the Senate. That's sort of cool.

dade's Home Pagenew
is sort of wierd cause its really by another girl named Rachel. But the page is cool. She writes lots of good things and I think she's cool.

Planet Lauranew
is by Laura Shulak. I don't remember how old she is but her page is great.

Tiger's Page of Stuffnew
is by Kyle and he's 13. His page is really different. I like the way he did it.

Chris's Home Pagenew
is by Christopher. He's 11 and his page has a cool background.

The Foxs Dennew
is by Pam Fox who's 12. Her page has lots of cool pictures but it takes a long time to see them. But she has lots of other pages that are good too.

Kevin's Homepagenew
is by Kevin Bowen. He's 13 and he has lots of things like with java on his page. His mom and dad have a internet company!

Kate's Homepagenew
is by Kate Alexander who's 16 and lives in Australia. Her page has lots of links about Australia and realy good music ones too.

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