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Things People Wrote Me

Comments: Hi. I accidently crossed this site, and I'm so grateful I did. I usually don't stay to one web site for very long, but
I've spent now over 3 hours here. I didn't know Kathy nor do I know Rachel, but the more I continue to read, the more I
feel apart of them. They have poured so much of themselves into this site. The emotions are so real and so blunt with
honesty. I have shed many tears tonight reading all that has been written, not because I feel sorry for them, but I can
empathise with them. I myself have been abused, and no one believed me, nor would help me. So I learned to help myself.
It was a long and very hard road. In my teens I became wild, and started to become cold and isolate myself from the world
as I too felt bad and dirty. Then I had a dear friend enter my life who too suffered from child abuse. I felt that I wasn't alone
anymore. That the way I felt was ok, but that it was NOT my fault. That I didn't deserve what was done to me for so long.
That's why I was so happy and relieved to come accross this site. I hope many many people do. There are so many
children, and adults out there who still feel there alone. They feel dirty, and bad. They don't realize there NOT the only
ones. That it's NOT there fault. That the abusers are the bad people. So for this to be out there, I'm so grateful. To other
victims out there, I would like to say you don't have to be a victim forever. There is so much help out there now, so many
people who will understand you, but you just have to try to reach out. It's not easy, oh God, I know it's not easy, but it's the
first step to recovery. Whatever was done to you, was/is NOT your fault! To others who don't know what it's like, it's hell.
You feel so dirty and ashamed. We so desperately don't want people to know, but it's a secret that shouldn't be kept. It's
something we should teach our children in school, at home, everywhere, to scream. To tell! It has to stop. For it to stop, we
have to tell. We've got to reach out to our children. To others who suspect or know a child is being abused...TELL. Don't
let the abuse go on. How can you sleep at night knowing a child is being hurt, innocence being robbed. Get involved...make
yourself be involved. You can call social services and be annoymous. Please, don't let it go on. To Rachel, my prayers are
with you. You are a wonderful, smart child. I absolutely love your web site, and I plan on sending the site's address to all
my friends, and ask them to pass it on in hopes it will help to reach someone else who desperately needs to know and see
all that you have given us to hear and see. I hope you have found your peace within. God bless. Sinceryly, Victoria

I just want you to know how much I respect you. I don't know if I would have the strength that you have if I
had gone through what you have gone through. As a parent when I come across such a brave person I always take the time
to write and commend them. Take care and God Bless you sweet thing. Just remember God has jobs for all of us and I
think your job is to help remind people like myself that our lives are not as bad as we think they are. Again God Bless you.
Oh Rachel, I have to write you and tell you how I feel. I think that you have a window to my soul! Your
peoms have written the words of my soul upon the computer. I think that you are a great writer, and you have really
touched me with a hand of understanding. I agree I have many faces, all that you see, is me. Ta
thank you for sharing your poetry , your pages are beautiful and meaningful.

This is a very powerful web page ... I am very impressed with the depth of understanding in the works
contained in this site. I am a youth director/leader and will forward a link to this site to all of my "web-connected" youth!
Thank you so much for your work ... I have been blessed by our words! Just in case you wonder ... I too am an abuse
survivor!! I can fully relate to your feelings!

You have courage and I admire that. I was abused by my uncle when I was about eight and I'm eighteen now.
I've pretty much learnt to deal with it, in a different way than yours. I talk about it only to a very few of my friends and one
counsellor. But mostly, I had to find the strength within myself. I know that the scars will always remain, and if you don't
have a boyfriend, being with another guy will be difficult because every touch will remind you of pain. Be patient. Good
luck and stay strong.
Rachel - Great page, I'm very impressed that you're able to share your story with the world. So many of your
poems are similar to the ones I wrote when I was your age (I'm 27). I don't think I could have shared them. I found a poem
a long time ago written by a young Irish boy about his father who abandoned him, then showed up again one day - I think
you might appreciate it. I was abandoned by one father, then abused by the next - and saved by my mother, who will
always be my hero. Good luck - you have my respect and my best wishes. Shanti
My daughters and I have been going through a lot since February, when we were sexually assualted and
reading your poetry page has done a lot for getting us through the day.
Dear Rachel, Treasure is not any less valuable for being found accidentally. I found your page accidentally.
While I know it is entirely impossible for any human being to see in to the soul of another human being, I believe that we
must be grateful for the glimpses that we get. I ask you nothing about anything; except to ask you to believe that not all men
are terrible and unenlightened, and that life is a journey not a destination. Thank You sooooooo much for your site,
Hi Rachel, I just wanted you to know that I emailed your mom once thanking her for her pages. She had a
message before you emailed her, something like, "if you are doing research for a paper don't ask me for help; I am not
going to do your work for you". I loved that. I just wanted to thank her for all the work and research she had done. I told
her that she did not need to respond. She responded with a beautiful message. I wish I had kept it and could forward it to
you. I tried emailing her again about a year later and she was, I believe, "on vacation". Then, after a few months I read that
she had died. I'm so sorry, Rachel. For you, for her and for all of society. I had one very brief contact with your mother,
and I loved her very much. Thank you for the work you are doing and keeping these very important pages up. You are just
as amazing as she. In Sisterhood, Tammy
Shnso much.

Copyright 1999 Rachel Williams

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