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I Need Your Help

I'm working on a project for my page and I need your help.

For my project I need a list of Ribbon Campaigns.  I mean serious ones like the Red Ribbon for AIDS or the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer.  It can be ribbons for diseases or things like abuse or school violence.   Just not any joke ribbon campaigns.

I've started the list below.  If you can add any please send me an email at  Please tell me the name of the campaign and the color of the ribbon.  If you know a website that has the ribbon on it please tell me that too so I can see it and know its for real.

I don't want to say exactly what my project is yet but I promise you'll be able to read it on my page when its done.  Thank you!

October 3, 1999

Ribbon Campaigns:  (Please help me add to this list!)

Red - AIDS
Pink - Breast Cancer
Blue - Free Speech Online
Green - Prevent Child Abuse
Yellow - Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Silver - Children with Disabilities
Yellow - Teen Suicide Prevention

Updated October 4, 1999

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