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Kathy's Rating Guide

These pages contain links to resources to help parents become better parents, as well as links to resources relating to the avoidance, impact and recovery from trauma, rape and abuse. These latter resources, while vital, are generally not appropriate for viewing by children. I have color coded the links using the 'color balls' to identify sites which do not seem to be appropriate for children.

Kathy's Ratings Guide
Should be suitable for older pre-teens
Parental supervision recommended
Not suitable for most children

Sites coded with a red ball may contain some resources appropriate for children, however, parents should identify those resources before letting their children enter these sites. Although the green ball sites state that they should be suitable for older pre-teens, it is my personal belief that these children should not be allowed to surf the web unattended. These codes reflect my own personal evaluation of the links and should not be used in lieu of responsible parental oversight of your childrens' online activities. Finally, these codes only apply to this page and any sub-pages of this page. The color balls on Rachel's pages have no particular meaning as the links on her pages should generally be appropriate for most children.

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