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ribbon Essential Information on Abuse, Assault, Rape & Domestic Violence

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National Domestic Violence/Abuse Hotline
1-800-787-3224 TDD

24-hour-a-day hotline staffed by trained counselors ready to provide immediate crisis intervention assistance to those in need. Callers can be connected directly to help in their communities, including emergency services and shelters as well as receive information and referrals, counseling and assistance in reporting abuse. This is a vital lifeline to anyone - man, woman or child - who is a survivor of domestic violence, or who suspects that someone they know may be the victim of abuse. Calls to the hotline are confidential, and callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

Abuse, Assault & Domestic Violence Resources

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yellow Dealing with Abusive Behavior by Dr. Nancy R. Turner

green Recognizing Abusive Behavior
green How to Stop Abusive Behavior frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Wake Up Call - Other People's Children frown.gif (94 bytes)
yellow Shattered Love, Broken Lives 60 Articles on Domestic Violence
yellow Spanish Language Video on Domestic Violence new
yellow Child Services - Online Resources new
red Children's Causes new
red Abuse Resources from Firewheel Vortex frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Sexual Assault Response and Awareness (Broken Link)
red The Wounded Healer Journal
red A Light in the Dark new
Secrets Let Go
red The Survivor's Voice frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Not Victims frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse
red Helping the Adult Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse frown.gif (94 bytes)
red National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
red When the Bough Breaks - A Helping Guide for Parents of Sexually Abused Children frown.gif (94 bytes)
kidstop red BAMM/Impact Self Defense Effective but Intense Training frown.gif (94 bytes)
red KIDPOWER Full Power Defense & Confidence Building for Children
red NCASA Guidelines for Choosing a Self Defence Class frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Assault Prevention Information Network frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Rape from Kate's Feminism Page
red Domestic Violence from Kate's Feminism Page
red Partnerships Against Violence
red The Family Peace Project
Resources for Rape Victims frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Rape Victim Advocates Valuable Information From This Chicago Area Group frown.gif (94 bytes)
red People For Peace - Save Our Children
red Sexual Abuse Survivor's Page frown.gif (94 bytes)
red The Safer Society Foundation frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Interview - Director of a Rape Crisis Center frown.gif (94 bytes)
red California Coalition on Sexual Offending
red Helping Survivors of Sexual Abuse Through Labor frown.gif (94 bytes)
red The Survivor's Page (by The Lynns) frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Survivor's Page frown.gif (94 bytes)
red Sanctuary - A Safe Place on the Web new
red Friends and Survivors Forum new
red Friends and Survivors Poetry Page new
red Abuse/Incest Support at new
red Healing From Sexual Abuse new
red The Comforter Network new
red On Survivors and Faith
red Allison's Domestic Violence Information
red Resources for Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence frown.gif (94 bytes)
red DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence  

Breaking the Silence: A Community of Survivors

Breaking the Silence: A Community of Survivors
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