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Kathy's Cause

bryans house

Kathy has a cause? Yes, its true. For almost a year now I've been relatively silent and let the links I've chosen make my statements for me. Aside from presenting my views on the issues of children and the Internet, I've tried to avoid taking a stand or advocating anything other than the love and support and care of our children. That said, you really shouldn't be surprised that this is my cause.

Bryan's House is a very special house located in Dallas, Texas.

Bryan's House is a facility dedicated to respond to the needs of children and their families who are impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing medically-managed child care and community-based, family-centered support services.

Bryan's House is a haven for HIV-infected children, or the children of HIV-infected parents.

There needs to be a Bryan's House in every major city in this country.

Whatever prejudices or fears you may have associated with HIV/AIDS, its important to remember that the lives of millions of children are being altered forever by this deadly disease. Whether they themselves are facing the currently inevitable consequences of being infected, or they are trying to cope with the reality of one or both of their parents dying from the virus, these innocent children are being forced to face some very harsh realities. Despite the strides that have been made in recent years, the fear and misunderstanding of this disease, coupled with the stigma that society still attaches to it, makes the life of an HIV/AIDS impacted child even more difficult. Is it too much for us to provide these children with a place where they will be welcomed and loved and understood? Are we that callous as a society? Do we allow our fears or our "moral" self-righteousness to override the basic precepts of "doing unto others?"

Whatever your religious beliefs, whatever your political affiliation, please stop and think about the children. They're not statistics - they're our treasures, and we owe it to them - WE OWE IT TO OURSELVES - to do as much as we can to make sure that they have as much love and peace and happiness as possible.

Please, follow the links to Bryan's House and do whatever you can to support their efforts.

If there's a similar facility in your community, please let me know about it so that I can add it to what I consider to be a Role of Honor. If there's no place like Bryan's House for the HIV/AIDS impacted children in your city or state, isn't it time to ask "Why not?" and take action to bring one into existence?

Copyright 1996 Kathy Williams

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