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You Said

A poem for my mother
by Rachel Williams

Sometimes I cry
At night in my bed
When I try to remember
All the things that you said

You said to be strong
To be brave and be true
To be good to my friends
Like yours were to you

You said to be happy
To be honest and good
To not be ashamed
But proud like I should

To believe in myself
To not look back or ask why
To not let the past
Pull me out of the sky

To not be ashamed
To stand tall and be proud
To shout out my name
And not get lost in the crowd

You said to remember
The laughter and tears
But most of all all the love
That we shared for 12 years

You said you're not leaving
That you'll always be near
That you'll be with me and watching
For the rest of my years

You said not to hate
To forgive all but one
To be careful and safe
To go on and have fun

You said it would hurt
I'd be angry and sad
But to try to remember
The good things that we had

You said don’t turn away
From the people who love
Let them hold me and help me
For you up above

You said to stand tall
Not to run from the past
To face it and go on
So the hurt will not last

I'm trying so hard
I swear that I am
But I miss you so much
I do the best that I can

I still see your face
I see your smile, feel your touch
I still hear your laughter
I know you love me so much

I still see your face
When I wake up each day
I still see your smile
But I can't hear what you say

I miss when you held me
All the times when I'd cry
And I don’t understand
Why God made you die

I’m glad you're at peace
I know you're at rest
I know you're with God
You're there with his best

There are people who love me
And take care of me now
And I love them back
The best I know how

I have a new family
And they love me so much
And I love them to
But its not easy to touch

Sometimes I get sad
And I cry all night long
Your my mom and I miss you
It’s not the same with you gone

Copyright 1997 Rachel Williams

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