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On Survivors and Faith - Preface

First, before you go on, you need to know that the page which follows is not pleasant and may be offensive to those who are lucky enough to be able to have Faith. My intention is not to question or challenge anyone's Faith, nor is it to attempt to present any sort of theological argument. I'm not a scholar.

What follows is something which was first written by me in response to the very well intentioned efforts of a friend who wanted only to help me find the peace which she has found thanks to her acceptance of Jesus. I'm grateful to her for her concern and love. I know she did not mean to upset me by her efforts.

I'm not trying to start a theological discussion of my beliefs versus anyone else's beliefs. I simply want to try to explain why its difficult for some abuse survivors to accept certain things on Faith. Perhaps if more people could understand how some of us feel, other well intentioned people will be able to interact with us without anyone being hurt.

By no means am I trying to imply that my thoughts are representative of all survivors - or even the majority of them. I only speak for myself. I'm sure there are many survivors who have been able to accept Jesus and have found something soothing and peaceful for themselves. Others of us find that difficult.

I'm not here to judge anyone. I simply explain my own feelings. If you are a believer, I ask that you respect my beliefs as well as your own and not attempt to judge me. After all, isn't that reserved for Him? I also ask that you respect my beliefs and not attempt to help me understand. I do have some special friends who are patiently and delicately trying to help me see what they have seen and feel what they have felt. I'm still listening to them, so please don't feel compelled to add your voice to theirs. Too many cooks can leave the diner feeling overwhelmed.


While there is no graphic depiction (visual, written or otherwise) of sexual activity, the following pages do contain verbal emotional imagery which could trigger a reaction when read by another abuse survivor. Please... there's no need to continue on if there's a risk of it triggering you.

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Kathy Williams
May 22, 1996

Copyright 1996 Kathy Williams