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My Life

A poem for my mother
by Rachel Williams

Twelve years ago
On a bright clean spring morn
I got my first hug
On the day I was born

You held me and fed me
And rocked me to sleep
You sang me a song
For my soul to keep

You taught me to stand
You taught me to walk
You taught me to smile
You taught me to talk

You taught me so much
And I’ll never forget
And I know that you are
Still teaching me yet

It wasn’t all happy
It wasn’t all fun
Sometimes it was bad
And we had to run

But you stayed by my side
Held my hand when I hurt
You brushed out my hair
And washed off the dirt

You came and you held me
When I cried from the fright
And you rocked me to sleep
And stayed all the night

You pushed me and pulled me
To keep trying and grow
To do all of the things
That I love now, you know

You showed me what it means
To be brave and be strong
To never give up
And find a place to belong

Then I saw you get weak
And I saw you in pain
And it still makes me cry
To remember again

You gave me such love
And your strength with your touch
And now that you’re gone
I miss you so much

I’ll think of the laughter
And the fun and the games
And the talks in my bed
And all the silly names

And if I have children
I know what I’ll do
I’ll be a great mom
I’ll be just like you

Copyright 1997 Rachel Williams

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