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Important News About This Site

Kathy's Essential Information is the page my mom made to help people.  She died almost two years ago from AIDS cause of what my dad made her do.  I really want to keep my mom's page on the internet and to fix all the broken links and find new places so it will keep being where people can find help.  But its really hard to look at all the different sites about these things and like decide which ones are the good ones.   When I made my new page I put some of my poems about my mom and the things that happened to us and I found webrings of places like my mom's pages.  I'm making a page for all the webrings and maybe even put them on the bottom of my mom's pages too so you can find other places to get help.  And maybe I'll try to fix some of the broken links or put some special links on my mom's pages.  I really hope if I do that my mom's pages will still be a good place for people to get help.  It really made her feel good to help other people so much.  If you find a webring that I didn't join yet or if you have other ideas please send me email.  But I'm 14 so don't like ask me how to fix a problem or anything.

September 20, 1998

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