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Before You Ask Kathy For Help....

From time to time, I get mail from people asking me for various forms of help.

Some are seeking assistance in locating articles or resources in areas related to those addressed by my pages. Others want some type of input from me for an article or research they may be doing. Yet others feel the need to unburden themselves by telling me of their troubles and pain.

I'm not a counselor, therapist or researcher. The only resources I have are the ones I've made available on these pages. I'm not an "expert" on anything than my own personal experiences. Most importantly, my own world is complicated enough, and I can't be a one-person support group for people who find my pages. I hope you all can understand that I care, but I can't give more than I do through these pages..

The resources you find here are the result of many hours of searching the net to find items which I personally feel are important. If you're looking for other information, please use Yahoo or another search index as they are much more likely to be able to help you than I would be.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh and uncaring. I do care, and I pray that those of you who have sought out these pages in the hope of finding a way to ease the pain will find that path very soon. What I'm doing is what we must all do if we are going to be able to help others - and that is first and foremost, I am taking care of myself, so that I can take care of my daughter. Its a simple lesson, but one that can be difficult to learn.

Copyright 1996 Kathy Williams

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